Friday, February 14, 2014

Be A Singular Sensation, The TV Show: STEM vs. STEAM!

Last April, I created a blog entry entitled "STEM vs. STEAM." where I expressed my concerns for my son's course selection for the upcoming school year.  He excels in STEM courses, and has been accepted into STEM Specialty programs for middle school and high school.  However, I was surprised when we had to make a choice between the Band and having Physical Education online during the summer; or taking Physical Education during the school year and losing the Band elective.

Since then, I decided I wanted to have an episode focus on the subject of "STEM vs STEAM," with perspectives from experts in our community in those respective fields.

It was an honor to interview Ms. Sheyna N. Burt, Esq., Mrs. Myra Sawyers, and School Board Member, Mrs. Lillie Jessie!

Take a moment and view this episode, as they elaborate on STEM and STEAM in our children's curriculum, and share ways you can supplement activities in both areas, using resources in the community!  Also, learn how literacy plays a key role in both areas, as it is the foundation of learning, and is taught across the curriculum in Prince William County Schools.  Mrs. Jessie sheds light on the importance of literacy, and the transition in our elementary curriculum from "learning to read" and "reading to learn."

Community Resources:
4-H Prince William
Bull Run Mountain Conservancy
Minnieland Academy STEM Kindergarten Tech
GMU Summer Camps (2014 Programs coming 3.14.14)
Prince William County Arts Council-This website provides a wealth of resources and links, to STEAM organizations and programming, in Prince William County!

Do you know of any community resources that are not mentioned above?  If so, please share them in the comments below.

Thanks for watching, and be sure to join us for the "You CAN Do Anything Too Symposium" on February 22nd!

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  1. We see this a lot in Richmond as well. Seems like an odd choice between "getting smarter" and excelling academically vs physical activity. Condensing physical activity into one portion of the year doesn't seem to be a healthy choice!