As a child (in the 80’s), I enjoyed playing with Lego’s, Lincoln Logs, GI Joes, and of course Barbie, Gem, and My Little Ponies!  However, I must say, I had more fun playing with Lego’s than any other toy!  I enjoyed the original Lego pieces, and had a blast changing their appearances by changing the “hair attachments!”  When I browse the toy aisle today, it’s interesting to see how Lego’s have gone from primary colors to now include, pinks, purples, sparkles, etc.  Does the color change make it more fun for girls to play with?  Was there a problem with the original toys?  Parents of girls, do you purchase them the “girly” play set, or the original?  Why?
This kind of reminds me of “A Brave New World,” prior to having the new options, in the 80’s, girls had no problem playing with the original Lego’s.  Now that there is an option, I wonder how many little girls are playing with the “girly set” vs. the original.  Please share your thoughts. #SocialConditioning

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Report Cards!

Hello there, PWC Parents!  We certainly hope your child is getting off to a great start, this school year!  Just a reminder, sign up for the Parent Portal, to stay in the know, regarding your child's progress in school.  First Quarter Report Cards will be distributed on November 13th, and November 6th is when work begins for the 2nd quarter grading period!

Remember, the key to a successful school year, is being a partner in your child's education.  This involves you, the school community, and your child(ren's) teacher(s).

It's Almost Time...

...for the kids to return back to school!  What have your children been doing over the summer, to retain everything they learned last school year?  Yes, we all take time for vacations over the summer, but let's see what educational resources are available in our community, to help our kids over the summer bridge!

  • Have your children participate in the PWC Libraries Summer Reading Programs!  These are available for all ages, so those of you with teens, there's "Wild Reads" for them as well!  This FREE program encourages our youth to read over the summer months.  Also, for our e-reader fans, keep in mind, the library offers a variety of e-books, which can conveniently be checked out online!
  • Our Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of sports as well as educational summer camps!
  • Do your children love STEM?  If so, you may want to look into NVCC's Systemic Solutions' camps!
There are way too many options to list them all!  If there is something that worked well with your kids, please share!  There are so many things to do and places to visit in Prince William County, that your children can create their own "Summer Bridge Passport Program," with a focus on education, nutrition, and the arts without hurting your wallet!

Have fun, while getting over the bridge! 

Spring Camp Ideas:

It's only January, and already it's time to think about which camp you may want to enroll your child in, for Spring Break!  Prince William Soccer, Inc. has already announced their upcoming Spring Camp options at Howison Park.  Another popular option is to look into the offerings available through the Prince William County Parks & Recreation Department.  However, if you have the time off to be with your children, the best option is to provide them just that...options, by creating your own daily field trips for the break!  The County has several historical sites that offer (sometimes FREE) educational programs for youth.  There are many parks to visit, such as Leesylvania State Park-which also offers educational programming for a very low cost.  A day at the movies is enjoyable as well! 
Having problems disciplining your child?  Do you plan to sit them in time-out for five minutes, yet somehow your child has managed to persuade you to let them leave their spot before the first two minutes are up?  Visit,, for some pointers on child discipline.  Sometimes, we all need some tips, to help us manuever our way through child rearing.

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