Monday, June 23, 2014

Russell Simmons' Zen Parenting Tips

I find that when I begin my day with meditation, followed by Sun Salutations, I am more relaxed, focused, and ready to face the challenges the world may throw my way!  Imagine how our children's days would be, if they began their day with meditation too?

Below, is a video of Russell Simmons, speaking with the #OWNSHOW about Zen parenting tips!

"Moving meditation:  The idea that we can be awake, effective and productive, and passionate, without being anxious, sad, and worried."~Russell Simmons

Russell speaks on using the power of meditation and it's benefits for children with ADD, opposed to medication.  He also credits meditation for making him a better parent.

Reader Q & A: 

Do you meditate with your children? How does it benefit your children?
Do you believe that meditation, and/or quiet time is needed in schools?  Why? Why not?

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