Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tyler Perry's: "The Single Mom's Club"

Hello there, Singular Sensations!  Tyler Perry has produced a movie, that speaks for us, "The Single Mom's Club!"  Here's the trailer:

The plot involves a group of women who are brought together by their children's school-as a result of them getting caught spraying graffiti on the walls, the parents have to chair a school fundraiser.  This group, turns into a support group of "Singular Sensations," who form a bond while dealing with the issues we all deal with: When do you introduce your significant other to your children, Child rearing issues, Communication issues with the non-custodial parent, dating, and more!

The movie airs on 3.14.2014, so save the date!  We'll plan a gathering at AMC Potomac Mills Mall, the night of the opening (showing around 9pm-we'll clarify when the schedule is updated), so make daycare arrangements now!

Also, check back with us here and on facebook...we may have some tickets to give away!

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