Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Interview with Mr. Uriah Kiser!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Uriah Kiser, Publisher of Potomac Local!  Mr. Kiser is a native of Prince William County, and as you can tell from our interview, he is extremely knowledgeable of the county, it's neighboring jurisdictions, it's past, and he has very good insight for the counties growth potential!

It's amazing to be in the presence of Community Leaders/"Sensations," like Uriah, who saw a need in our community, and was brave enough to branch out on his own, as an Entrepreneur, and fulfill the need by creating Potomac Local!

Not only is Potomac Local a growing online news source, it is one of the many threads that keep the fabric of our community in tact, by" providing news that is updated throughout the day, allowing readers to upload stories, information for their events, photos, and more! In addition to providing news and sources for readers, Potomac Local features a variety of Columnists and Blogs!

Reader Q&A: What do you enjoy most, about Potomac Local?

Don't forget to watch "Be A Singular Sensation" on PWC Comcast Channel 2 at 6:30pm, Monday-Friday!  Be the lookout for my next interview with Potomac District Supervisor, Mrs. Maureen Caddigan!

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  1. Great interview! What I like about is the accessibility. Easy to send in news tips or post announcements yourself. I often see Uriah in the community and he is always friendly and open to conversation. I really like the columnists also - Al Alborn, Lianne Best, Connie Moser. These are people who are out in the community and know what the issues are.