Sunday, November 4, 2012

Educational Family Election Watch Party!

Alright parents, Election Day is Tuesday!  I certainly hope each of you are prepared to exercise your right to vote at the polls, if you haven’t already voted as an absentee, or through early voting.  If possible, take your children to the polls with you.  Doing so will set a positive example for them, of adults exercising their civic duty!

Baked and decorated by C.A.N.
The children in Prince William County Schools will be home on Tuesday, but that is no reason to stop the learning process!  Host your family’s “Election Watch Party,” by making cookies decorated like flags, or bake cupcakes or a cake decorated in a patriotic fashion.

Explain to your children how the Electoral College process works, each state has a certain number of electoral votes.  A minimum of 270 electoral votes are needed to win the election.  Sound confusing?  Preview the C-SPAN Electoral College Map, prior to printing and sharing with the kids.  Each state has a particular number of electors, who ultimately vote for the President, based on our votes at the polls.  The numbers of electors per state are based on the population in each state.

As your family watches the number of votes come in Tuesday night, color in the states as the electoral votes come in-red (Romney) and blue (President Obama), to keep track of who is winning the 2012 Presidential election!

Remember, the president isn’t the only item on the ballot!  Visit and the State Board ofElections to learn about your ballot.  Also, be aware of future elections and seats becoming available.  Regardless of whom you choose to vote for, remember all elected positions play a role in their ability to implement their platform.
Have fun at your Election Watch Party!

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