Friday, May 17, 2013

Be A Singular Sensation, the Show! Episode 1: Rising Above Expectations!

Be A Singular Sensation from Elizabeth Lockard on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out the Be A Singular Sensation television show, on the Comcast community channel, where we take our vision of engaging, enlightening, informing, and inspiring parents in Prince William County, from the screen of your mobile device, to the screen of your television!

Each month, the show will feature: people making a difference in our communities, as well as news we can use!  Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mrs. Simeaka Melton, Founder of Rising Above Expectations (RAE)!  Her organization offers a plethora of services to families in the county, young girls in particular.  If your child could benefit from: life skills training, mentoring, a youth conference, or summer camp-to list a few, please get in contact with RAE!  They offer plenty of services, to meet your families needs!

Be sure to look out for our next episode, 6pm Monday through Friday on the community channel, featuring Mr. Uriah A. Kiser, Potomac Local

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Until the next episode, remember to: Be the top achiever, be your child's biggest fan, be the community activist, be the one who makes magic happen, be bold, bodacious, courageous, and incredible…Be A Singular Sensation!


  1. Rising Above Expectations what a wonderful community organization. I was actually told about Ms.Meaka when my daughter came home from school excited and telling me about a speaker that came to her school and "changed her life". Although she will not have the opportunity to attend camp this year, I can't wait to meet her and be invoved in Rising Above Expectations.

  2. Very, very, very inspiring. Nothing better than someone willing to help the youth. RAE for president.