Thursday, February 28, 2013

BHM: Could You Imagine?

Could you imagine life as a slave?  Could you imagine your family being torn apart?  Could you imagine being on a ship immersed in squalor, as you lay in a plank position…inhaling the palpable smell of death and decay from those who died along the way?  Could you imagine having your native tongue beat out of you, and being forced into a new world, where you have to quickly adapt to a new language, under extreme harsh conditions?  Could you imagine a life, where the only hope for freedom is death?  Could you imagine your “life” as a slave?

We are a strong people!  Despite our families being torn apart, we managed to find strength in one another, and pass our stories down from generations to generations through dance and folktales, and eventually our stories were written.  Despite having been taken from our native land, surviving the voyage-not only across the seas, but the voyage towards our freedom, our people have risen from harsh (for lack of a better term) conditions to become inventors, leaders, moguls, scientists, and even the President of the most powerful country on the planet!  Despite losing our lives to earn freedom, and losing our tongue-which has a direct connection to culture; we have created a culture that brings joy to the lives of others!

We have come so far, we have so much to be proud of, so much to celebrate beyond 28 days of the year!  It is difficult for many to imagine life as a slave; when so many lost their lives, just so we can be free!  I challenge you(th) to give us more stories to celebrate, make our ancestors happy by continuing to make the impossible possible, continuing to see beyond, beyond!  Let’s not just celebrate Black History, let’s create Black History!  Could you imagine your life as a person, free to do as you please, free to take advantage of opportunities at your feet, free to just BE?

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