Friday, October 5, 2012


Hello and Welcome to this blog!

I decided to begin this blog as a result of many challenges I've been faced with, most of them dealing with challenge of being a single parent living in Prince William County, VA! 

When I became a single parent, my son was four years old.  Since then, I have been determined to provide him with a wonderful upbringing that exposed him to culture, encouraged him to seek knowledge, and to provide as if there were two parents in our household.

There were times when I looked for playdates, and support groups for single mothers, only to find organizations-who at that time only allowed stay at home married mothers to join (yes, this included joining the playdates-I believe this nameless organization has changed this requirement now).  In addition to playdates and support from single parents, I also sought: news from an urban perspective and simply a 'crosswalk' of sorts that provided information for single parents like myself, information on dating, starting a business, jobs-good paying jobs close to home, nutrition, and news that compliments the lifestyle of a single parent.

As if that is not enough, I also aspire to inspire other single parents and provide a medium where we can motivate one another!  No matter the number, or height of the hurdles we have to jump, it doesn't mean the hurdle can't be cleared.  Single parents can achieve anything they set their minds to accomplish.  Be the top achiever at your job, be your child's biggest fan, be the life of the party, be the community activist, be the one who makes miracles happen, be the one that goes the extra mile so that your child can have, Be A Singular Sensation!

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